Windows clients not updating dns records dating websites in the us

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During the Refresh interval, which is 7 days by default, the client's DNS time stamp is updated.

You just replaced a computer; the old computer is off the network and had held the DHCP IP address of properly working, healthy Domain involves continuous communication and updating between all three Network Services, but if there is a mistake or flaw setting up it might not have been noticed except by an experienced, attentive Domain Admin before and is apparent only now.Updated version This is an updated guide for Ubuntu 12.04.Hello, I wonder if you have ever managed to resolve this. You'd think so because it holds DNS records but I can imagine how things might get muddled when setting up a Linux machine manually to provide Network Services normally provided by Windows machines.I am facing the very same problem now and I haven't found much information on this topic on the Internet. (Sorry for digging up this old thread) Well, Your situation might be different, especially considering that the OP implemented a Win2K3 Domain (It's likely later AD use different version IDs in the original config file). The original DNS config file appears to setup a "Master" ie. I haven't done an update as this thread describes, but someone needs to investigate whether the described DNS update error is because another authoritative DNS server doesn't exist or if the DNS server isn't able to update data from DHCP and a DC. Of course, this "Are you already a member of the AD?

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