Dating in the dark watch

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An initial dark group meeting is followed by a series of one-on-ones initiated by participants, and soon the six are three pairs. "Dark" is an interesting idea with a refreshing lack of bombast and fakery that propels so many reality shows: The participants are clean-cut, pleasantly attractive regular folks (though one has a Jude Law aura).

There, the only way participants know what one another looks like is through verbal description and a little face-touching.

Even the episode's ending is somewhat anti-climactic (paging rejected guy: Give me a call; that gal was crazy).

That said, the show is best seen as an excellent infomercial for a new dating service.

Dating in the Dark is more relevant today than ever before and we look forward to watching the twists and turns of our singletons searching for ‘the one’. It questions the perceptions and judgements we all make in our quest for finding love.

Dating in the Dark really does test the age old question: Is love blind?

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