Dating lactating women

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It's just something natural and this is how I look and I've inspired other women to feel amazing too.“Many others have posted their own breastfeeding pictures on social media as well.I mention this because, if Nigel Farage is to take on the lactating women of Britain, he ought to know what he’s up against.

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I was determined to beat my personal best of 4oz of milk from each side, even if it meant traumatising these young men.The image shows 26-year-old Emmy Waller, a mother of four, lying in a bath and cradling her 12-week-old baby Alice as she breastfeeds.Her photo comes after Leicester City footballer Jamie Vardy’s wife Rebekah had a photoshoot to hit back at trolls who’d criticised her figure after giving birth.Unfortunately I saw the recent Time Life cover with the 5 year old sucking moms titty. Will the breast keep producing milk as long as a kid is nursing off it? Is there a limit on how long mothers can produce milk?

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