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– Twenty-one individuals were charged in an indictment for their alleged roles and participation in an international multimillion [...]Moral infringement and criminal exercises in different enterprises have influenced our economy in the course of recent decades, especially in the saving money, monetary and lodging segments. Please note that one of the scams run by these people uses stolen credit cards, prepaying shipping, and they have you wire the funds to their "shipper", which is actually the thief. Claims to work for TD Canada Trust Bank in Ontario Canada. 02/2010, CVV code: 356; Master Card #xxxxxxxx64762173, Exp. Also using 447441907238, and address: No 32 kings haugh Edinburgh EH16 UK. Report them as stolen and tell the scammer that the card was declined and to give you another. Sent physical letter doing a "next-of-kin" inheritance scam. Also claims to be located in Fitchburg, Massachusetts 01420 with phone: (424) 275-0741. 02/2010, CVV code: 282; Visa #xxxxxxxx85913281, Exp.He explains that, in order to liberate the supposed millions, the mark must pay a commission fee up front.Needless to say, the Nigerian uses a false identity and the commission fee is lost for ever.

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