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Spread out a blanket, buy chai and snacks from the vendors or take your own, and listen to artistes from Shillong to Spain.Plus, it’s free entry, on a first-come first-served basis.Surprisingly affordable, the full package of guns, goggles, gloves, de rigueur camouflage gear and a CO2 tank to pump pellets with, begins at under USD (Rs 250). Worshipped in words, serenaded on screen, and now captured at an Indian cafe and brewed into a berry or a blossom tea.

EXPLORE OLD DELHIIt might be easy to diss Chandni Chowk, thinking that it’s mostly crowded and dirty streets with a lot of traffic issues.And when the climate is cold, the beauty of this place becomes unparalleled, offering even more chances for a romance to blossom into one that lasts a lifetime.For couples that love to eat together as much as they love each other, here are 10 outdoor restaurants in Delhi, ranked from cheapest to costliest, where you can sit outside and enjoy the view. Arguably the most famous place in the North Campus area, Tom Uncle Maggi Point is always swarmed by university students looking for their Maggi-chai-sutta fix, without having to shell out a major sum of money.The only people that don't like Delhi are those who haven't lived here in winters.The national capital boasts of a veritable geography, which means there are a million different places where one can just sit and chill for hours to no end.

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