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The Eagle CAM team are very humbled by, and grateful for, your support, not only in monetary terms, but all the hours that many of you put in behind the scenes to keep the project running. ____________________________________________________________ If you are in Australia and wish to donate in Au$, please click the button below, These donations are in $AU.____________________________________________________________ If you are in the USA or other countries and wish to donate in US$ please click on the Pay Pal Donate button below, These donations are in $US.This bar and eatery offers a delicious Middle Eastern menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and an enticing drinks menu. Quick check in,nice clean and well maintained room. Mezbah specialises in hot and iced teas, including Yemeni sweet milky tea and Turkish apple tea. If wish to contact our Reservations Team outside of these times please email [email protected]

Online Bookings: You can also download our Sydney Dance Company App to book and schedule classes.However, common symptoms of child abuse which arise in adulthood include: • Low self-esteem • Strong feelings of insecurity or fear in close relationships, • Difficulty developing healthy, long-term relationships • Anxiety, panic, depression, or recurrent suicidal thoughts • Eating disorders • Recurring thoughts or memories of past abuse • Difficulty expressing or controlling anger • Sexual or emotional promiscuity • Alcoholism or excessive drinking • Trust issues • Drug abuse • Self-blaming • Mental dissociation or “spacing out” from certain situations • Self-inflicted physical harm • Seeking abusive relationships If you feel that some of the above symptoms apply to you, you may wish to seek counseling treatment from a Psychologist or Counsellor trained in working with survivors of abuse, in order to help you resolve the issues underlying your symptoms.To enquire about professional counselling by qualified Counsellors & Psychologists in Sydney call DISCLAIMER All health information provided on au is general in nature and is provided for information purposes only.Tours depart on time6.45pm April 1 - September 30 (winter time)7.45pm October 1 - March 31 (summer time)Bookings are essential.Contact the Moderator Team: [email protected] Life Australia, Eagle CAM is only made possible by the generous donations that you, the dedicated followers and casual admirers, make available.

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