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I'm not slim just to let u know, real nice guy, loving, no.I'm 23 years old I live just outside of Beaver Dam.If the “clothes make the man” and you should “dress for the job you want,” then Lizandra Vega’s book, “The Image of Success: Make a Great Impression and Land the Job You Want,” (Amacom Books, June 2010, .95 paperback), might help you make a better case for yourself at your next job interview.“Today’s employment market requires you to be a chameleon: open to different ideas and flexible to new approaches.

I, for instance, am a Winter, which, according to Vega, means in an interview situation I should wear a dark gray, navy, black, brown or forest green suit; a white blouse; and jewel-toned accents such as burgundy, cobalt or silver. She also provides resume tips, thank-you letter advice and things to consider once you’ve landed the job. About the book (from the author’s website): Does your image project success… When you’re on a job interview, this may be the most important question you face. The real secret to getting hired and getting ahead is that people routinely make assumptions about your intelligence, abilities, sophistication, character, and likely performance based on your image alone — that is, the way you look, behave, and communicate.

Companies and positions are being revised and reinvented to fit the boundaries of the budgetary constraints.

Finding a a comfort zone within your image is a time-consuming process,” she writes.

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